Overview, Tokens & Pairs

No matter if you want to swap two assets or provide liquidity, you can find in-depth information to make the best decisions on the analytics page. Please go to info.diffusion.fi to review all tokens, liquidity pairs, and on-chain transactions that have been connected to Diffusion.

For a quick walk-through, please check out the video below. In case you need more detailed information, follow up on the overview below.


The overview page gives you insights into the current liquidity and volume of Diffusion. Further below, you will find a list with all tokens that are traded on Diffusion as well as all related liquidity pairs. Each list provides you with a set of information,

Token Information: Name, Symbol, Liquidity in US$, Volume, Price & Price Change

Liquidity Pair Information: Liquidity in US$, Volume (24h & 7d), Fees (24h & 1y)

Detail Pages | Tokens & Pairs

Upon selecting a token asset or liquidity pair, you will open the detail page with further information. For tokens, you will receive charts on price, volume & liquidity, the top liquidity pairs the token is part of as well as all transactions where the token is involved. You can jump from that page into the respective deep dive page of the liquidity pairs or transactions.

The deep dive page for tokens and pairs both provides you with the token address for the assets. You can check the tokens directly on the Evmos explorer by clicking "View on Explorer".

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