The Wallets

Since Evmos is built on top of the Cosmos SDK, you will be able to exchange EVM assets with the rest of the Cosmos blockchain through the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) and interact with Diffusion.

Nevertheless, this comes with some user experience challenges. The Evmos client supports both Cosmos and Ethereum. This means that it supports both mechanisms used to submit and sign transactions to each chain. In order to submit a transaction via a wallet, these transactions need to be signed using your private key. On an EVM and Cosmos, different algorithms are used and they both require different key types.

What does this mean for you?

To interact with Diffusion on Evmos, we kindly ask you to use Metamask. Keep in mind that as the chain develops more things will start to be supported. LetΒ΄s break it down as FAQs

Which wallet should I use to interact with Diffusion?

Please use Metamask to interact with Diffusion. You can use an existing EVM address, thus MetaMask account.

Will the EVMOS tokens on my Keplr automatically appear on my Metamask?

Yes, for Evmos tokens, the balance should be the same everywhere. For all other tokens this will only be the case for tokens enabled with the ERC20 token.

How will Evmos know which EVM address is linked to my Keplr Address?

Kepler should be able to show your hex address. Alternatively, you can use the Mintscan block explorer to see the address in both Bech32 and Hex.

How do I send ATOM or OSMO from my Keplr to my Metamask?

For IBC vouchers of ATOM and OSMO already in the Evmos chain:

  • Use the ERC20 module to convert the tokens to their ERC20 representation.

  • Add the contract address of the ATOM and OSMO IBC vouchers to your wallet.

Will I be able to send EVMOS to my Metamask even without the ERC20 module or will that have to be deployed first?

You don’t need to use the ERC20 module for EVMOS tokens because it’s the gas token denomination used in the EVM.

Will I be able to send NFTs from the EVM to Stargaze?

This will need to wait until ICS721 (IBC NFT transfer standard) is implemented. You will be able to soon use EVM bridges (eg: Nomad) to transfer your NFTs to and from Evmos.

Can I get my Rektdrop airdrop into Metamask and Keplr?

Check out this medium article by Evmos for more information:

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