Liquidity Pools

Impermanent Loss: Before adding liquidity, you should be aware of the impermanent loss and how it affects your liquidity provision returns. Check out ​Impermanent Loss​​
To provide liquidity, please go to Please note that if you want to farm additional reward tokens on dedicated pools, you can add liquidity directly on​
On the pool page, you will see three options:
  • Create Pair: Select two tokens to create a new pool that does not exist yet and add liquidity subsequently.
  • Import Pool: Enter the addresses of the two tokens to add a pool that is not listed on Your Liquidity. They only will be correctly imported if you have liquidity in it.
  • Add liquidity: Add liquidity to an existing pool.
The main case is to select "add liquidity". Select the pair that you want to add/provide liquidity for and enter the amount for each token.
Please find below a full tutorial as a video: