Stake DIFF

To take part in governance but also to earn additional rewards as a loyal $DIFF holder, you can stake your $DIFF token. Staking $DIFF grants your xDIFF, which accrues the reward as an auto compounding token. Please see below a quick tutorial on how to stake your DIFF.

Please be aware that the exchange rate between $DIFF and xDIFF increases over time. The staking page shows you your different balances. Let us go through the different balance parts with the following FAQs

What does $DIFF show me?

Your $DIFF balance is the amount of liquid $DIFF tokens you are holding in your wallet

What does xDIFF show me?

xDIFF is the liquid staking derivative of your staked DIFF tokens and represents your part of the staking pool. The amount of xDIFF tokens doesnt increase, while the exchange ratio to $DIFF does. Over time, you will get more $DIFF for your xDIFF if you unstake.

What is "staked DIFF" telling me?

"Staked DIFF" indicated the amount of $DIFF your xDIFF is worth right now.

What is the "DIFF/xDIFF Ration"?

The exchange rate between liquid $DIFF and xDIFF. Over time, the ratio increases due to the fees accrued within xDIFF.

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