Swap & Trade

We describe how a user can perform a swap.

To swap and trade on Diffusion, please go to https://app.diffusion.fi/#/swap after you have connected your wallet (Connect Wallet). Please note that you will also need to ensure you have Evmos tokens to pay for fees.

You can select which token to swap by clicking on the "select a token" button or the preselected tokens on the screen. A selection screen will appear where you can select tokens from a list. If you are missing or want to trade tokens that are not publicly listed, you can add them by clicking "manage token list" and pasting the contract address. WARNING: Make sure you only trade tokens you trust.

Once you have selected the token you want to sell and the one you want to buy, input the amounts into the corresponding fields. Next, you will get a prompt to confirm your trade and then sign the transaction with your Metamask account. Please see below a short clip with all steps.

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