Keeping track of all transactions is not an easy task. The Diffusion analytics page makes tracking easy. You can check your account balances, liquidity pairs, and movements on "accounts" on

Add your own Evmos address, or crosscheck others' addresses, by pasting it into the "accounts" page and click "load account details". On the account page, you have the possibility to see your full account or select one of the liquidity pairs you are providing liquidity to or staking for $DIFF.

The page separates your liquidity pairs that are unstaked as "positions"(classic liquidity pools) and the once staked in "farms" as "liquidity mining pools". The analytics page gives you the opportunity to jump to the pools and decide to add to remove liquidity accordingly:

Further down the page, you will be able to review all your transactions and sort by swaps, and either "add" or "remove" liquidity from the pairs. By clicking the transaction, you will be forwarded to the Evmos block explorer to review your actions.

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