The $DIFF token helps to coordinate and align incentives of all stakeholders of the Diffusion protocol. Ultimately, Diffusion is designed to become the main liquidity hub for Evmos, with DIFF as a token to maintain and govern the protocol by the community of its users and builders.

DIFF can be staked in the xDIFF pool. Stakers will be rewarded by the protocol revenue (see Constant Product Pools) and additional rewards in DIFF. To stake DIFF, please see Stake DIFF.

The token addresses for DIFF and xDIFF can be seen below.

$DIFF | 0x3f75ceabcdfed1aca03257dc6bdc0408e2b4b026 $xDIFF | 0x75aee82a16bd1fb98b11879af93ab7ce055f66da

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