The Diffusion airdrop claiming process is live. $OSMO and $JUNO stakers can connect their Keplr wallet on http://wenairdrop.diffusion.fi to check eligibility.

To receive the $DIFF airdrop, you need to connect your Metamask wallet or enter an Evmos address to receive the tokens. Please note that we recommend connecting your wallet to avoid any mistakes. A wrong address will result in a loss of your airdrop. The process will only link your Osmosis or Juno address. The airdrop will be sent to that address in batches later.

Please see the exact eligibility criteria to qualify for the airdrop below for Osmosis and Juno (https://twitter.com/diffusion_fi/status/1494042384384114688โ€ฆ)

Snaphot Dates | Osmosis Staking: 17.02, 21.02, 26.02 & 02.03 Validators | @frensvalidator and @binaryholdings

Snaphot Dates | Juno Staking: 11.06 Validators | @frensvalidator and @binaryholdings

Uniswap Community (distributed): Being a Uniswap v2 fork and wanting to bring the Uniswap community to Evmos, we will airdrop to 1) UNI Token holders and 2) addresses that got rekt by gas fees interacting with Uniswap. Snapshot has been taken as of Dec 31st, 2021.

Osmo & Juno Stakers (to claim): Weโ€™ll be airdropping to addresses that delegate (stake) OSMO to @binaryholdings and @frensvalidator. Those two teams have helped us a lot and will be infrastructure partners. Snapshots will be continuously taken starting February 17th throughout February 28th and potentially beyond.

Evmos Users (to claim): The Evmos community is ultimately the diffusion community and the success of the whole ecosystem will be essential for the success of Diffusion. We will airdrop to all delegators (Stakers) on Evmos and Evmos LPs on Osmosis. Details on the snapshot will also be released with our official airdrop announcement.

Diffusion Early Adopters: We will reward the community members who support the project from the beginning. LPs and users will both be rewarded. Snapshot details and claiming process will be announced soon.

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